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Wing A Prayer
  • Wing A Prayer

    Wing A Prayer

    (CH El Cortez x Thai Tea)


    Homozygous for Pinto - PINTO GUARANTEE


    Owner: Stephanie Sullivan 
    Standing At: Lotza Spotz LLC 
    Phone: 602-505-2887 
    Color: Chestnut and White 
    Foaled: 2005 
    Transported Semen: Yes, $300 plus shipping costs 
    Live Foal Guarantee: Yes 
    Mare Care: Please Contact 
    Booking Fee: Waived for Auction


    If you are looking to add “color” to your program “Wing” is absolutely the stallion for your mare. Homozygous for pinto he will ALWAYS produce a pinto foal but even more important and impressive his is pedigree. As summarized below it is star studded and an absolute who’s who of many of the premier breeding and performance icons both solid and pinto.


    Wing is sired by RWC CH El Cortez, a Reserve World’s Champion and sire of World’s Champions, his dam, Thai Tea is by Chubasco and out of a Supreme Sultan daughter. Trace his tail female line back, and you find multi-World’s titleholder and BHF mare CH Buck Creek Precious Princess, dam of the incredible sire Merchant Prince. Extremely well bred Wing has 11titled horses in four generations including El Cortez (RWC), Yorktown (WGC, WC), Valley View Supreme (WGC,WC,RWC), Belle Elegant (WGC,WC,RWGC,RWC), Buck Creek's Precious Princess (BHF, WC, RWGC, RWC), Reveries Desdemona (BHF), Melody O'Lee (BHF), Dixie Duchess (BHF) and Precious Miss (BHF). Other notable breeding icons include Supreme Sultan, Chubasco, Fountain of Youth, Oman's Desdemona Denmark, Anacho Denmark and Stonewall Supreme.


    As an individual, Wing is upright, with a mile-long neck that ends in a perfect hinge at the poll. He is gifted with all around motion inherited from generations of trotting talent.  His offspringinherit this amazing ability to set up and hinge at the poll with big trot and trainability.

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