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Victory Lap Shine Detailer & Big J Corn Broom
  • Victory Lap Shine Detailer & Big J Corn Broom

    Item Description 

    1 Bottles of Victory Lap Shine Detailer 
    * Low-friction and deep gloss shine every time you put your vehicle 
    * Use this proprietary formula on all hard surfaces 
    * Safely cleans surfaces 
    * Detailer contains no wax, petroleum or silicon 
    * Size: 16 oz spray bottle

    1 Big J Broom 
    super-duty corn broom is made with a natural corn and rattan fiber blend for extra heavy-duty use. This broom was designed with heavy barn applications in mind such as cleaning farrier debris, wash racks, and feed rooms. It is also very popular workshops, wood shops and other heavy push applications. This broom also features a 1 1/8” hardwood handle with 3 rows of stitching and a heavy metal band.

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